What Is Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development simply refers to the development of mobile applications for various operating systems such as iOS, Andriod, Windows, etc. In Cross-Platform you only need to write the code only once and then that code can be used at multiple platforms. This not only saves the cost and effort of the development team but also increases the reach of your business.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development In 2019?

Having Single Codebase instead of a respective native code is much easy to maintain and write as well. In earlier days, each website used t have Flash which was compatible with lots of browsers and then came the HTML5 which was much similar to the Flash and it had replaced the Flash. Now, the holy grail of cross-platform is from earlier days but nowadays we have lots of tools for our benefits which not only helps us in making our app close to the native app.

So now let's discuss some of the advantages of having a Cross-platform mobile Application. Let's Start:-

  • Reusable Codebase: Cross-platform applications allows you to Write Once, Use Everywhere approach. The developer team needs to write the code only once and then that code can be used on various platforms.
  • Maintainable Code: When using Cross-Platform you can easily maintain your code as you do not have to write for a separate platform each time.
  • Use Programming Language you know:- One of the greatest benefits of using this is that you can start with any of the programming languages that you know whether it is C# or Swift or java.
  • Cheaper then Native:- If you are a business owner, then Cross platform should be your ideal choice if budget is one of your concerns. Because in Native application you have to build for each platform which will have separate cost but with this, you can have your application for many platforms while you only have to pay for only one.
  • Ideal For Prototyping: For a startup having a fully functional app to test the market about their product is very important. React Native is very good for developing the prototype. React Native allows you to get to market without sacrificing the quality of your code and end product.

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Some of the Cross-Platform Development Tools In 2019

Given below are some of the Cross-Platform development tools that you can use for your benefit:-

  • Xamarin
  • Sencha Touch
  • Monocross
  • Codename One
  • React Native
  • Flutter
  • Nativescript
  • RhoMobile.

As the technology advance, it will become easier for developer and business owners to have their mobile application for their business and if you are also one of those business owners then Synapse Tech Solution can help in your quest for Cross-platform application. Being one of the emerging App Development Company in Delhi NCR, you can count on us for your needs. Feel free to contact us, drop your requirements at [email protected].