Get to Know Bulma: Best CSS Framework For Awesome Designs

Bootstrap has been around since ages and unarguably is one of the most responsive, mobile-first CSS Framework out there. Boostrap was introduced in 2011 and it is 2019 and now there are lots of alternative to the Bootstrap. One such alternative is Bulma. When we were looking for flexbox based CSS framework we stumbled upon this beauty called as Bulma. It is is a free, open-source CSS framework based on Flexbox and used by more than 200,000 developers.

Although, bootstrap has also switched the gears and has introduced the Bootstrap Version 4 which is based on Flexbox but this article is not about how great Boostrap but about the awesome CSS Framework Bulma. So let us give you some of the reasons why Bulma is loved by many developers and designers around the world.

Best CSS Framework To Use In 2019
  • Based on Flexbox: Creating grids and layouts is as easy as eating cake.
  • Great Documentation:  It may sound unimportant but it also very important.
  • 100% Responsive:  Designed in keeping mind about Mobile-First Approach.
  • Lots Of Components:  It comes with tons of components, 12 grid system, and media objects.
  • Modular: It is built with SAAS, Import only those things that you are going to use.
  • Responsive:  Mobile-first approach just like Bootstrap.

#Bulma Syntax

Bulma uses is- keywords for base class and modifiers which is very easy to read and understand. In the case of buttons, there are modifiers like is-primary, is-large, is-danger and many more. Given below is a comparison between Bootstrap and Bulma for styling the buttons:

<!-- bootstrap button -->
<a class="btn btn-danger btn-large">Bootstrap Button</a>

<!-- bulma button -->
<a class="button is-danger is-large is-inverted">Bootstrap Button</a>

Here are some of the example of Bulma designed buttons

Buttons Syntax Bulma

This is just the glimpse of what Bulma has to offer. You just need one CSS file and you are good to go. Using Bulma does not require adding any JS/jQuery, unlike Bootstrap.

One of the other awesome thing about Bulma that we like the most is the use of Easy-to-read syntax of modifiers. Most Bulma elements have alternative styles. To apply them, you only need to append one of the modifier classes. They all start with is- or has-.


Overall, Bulma is a great CSS Framework based on flexbox and anyone from a beginner to a professional can start with the Bulma very easily. The constant updates in their framework are also very welcoming change and help a lot in the long run. Give Bulma a try and definitely read through the docs to see all the offerings. If you are looking for designs for your own website/app, then we at Synapse Tech Solution is here to help you out with all your problems. We are one of the top emerging Website Designing Company In Delhi NCR and we surely can help you out.