How You Can Rank Your App In App Store: Mobile App Marketing

App store marketing is somewhat over looed by people but it is far more important for your business and mobile app in particular. According to a report published in, in the UK alone from 2013-2020 approximately 20 billion times apps were downloaded. If you are related to Mobile App space then you must know about the Mobile Apps Marketing or App Store Optimization.

So, What is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization in laymen's terms is defined as the marketing of mobile app in mobile app stores such as Apple's App Store, Google Play Store, and Windows app store. The purpose of performing the marketing of the mobile is done to ensure the following:-

  • Increasing brand/ business visibility.
  • Increasing the downloads for the app.
  • More brand reach.
  • Engagement of the audience.
  • More channels of marketing diversification.
  • Positive App reviews and ratings.

App store optimization somehow overlaps with the Search Engine Optimization, if you think clearly it will make more sense to you. App Store is kind of closed site search engine which is impacted by the followings:-

  • Title: The title that you have used in the name of the app is greatly impacted by how your app is going to be searched online. Research properly about the highest-ranking keywords that you can put in the title of the app.
  • Description: Writing a proper description is equally important for the app as the title of the app. Write high traffic keywords in the description of the app. Make sure not to over-optimize the description, it should be readable for common people also and should convey the meaning and features of the app also.

Secondary Factors that affect the ranking :

  • Number of Downloads: The total number of downloads of your app also a critical factor in ranking your app. But on this factor, you don't have any control.
  • Ratings and Reviews: Again on this factor also you don't have that much control but you can ask for ratings and reviews from the happy users and can grow this number.

Update of App: Freshness of your app

The most downloading apps on the Mobile App store are those apps that are updated more frequently. The freshness of your app determines the number of downloads that it is going to have. so it's better to keep your app updated more and more and give the user more reasons to download your app.

Having a comprehension of ASO tips in 2019 can help manufacture a successful plan of action. On the off chance, the above-mentioned focuses are borne at the top of the priority list, at that point it can without a doubt assist you with pushing forward of your rivals in the application store rankings. Remember that the algorithms for ranking are consistently evolving, what may work today might not work in the future. So, keep upgrading your marketing strategy and app.

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