Top 4 PHP Framework in 2019 For Beginners

With the year 2019 coming to end, Web development is still raging in the IT field. Although Mobile applications have taken in place of the web-based application still the time for web development is still going to roar for some more time as we know. But for new graduates or people starting in the web development, PHP is the Go-To language as it doesn’t require much hard work and many low-level developers are still working on the PHP. Python is also easy to learn but PHP had covered a lot of market area and that’s why it’s still gaining popularity and is among the top web language and is gaining popularity among the Top Web Development Company In Delhi NCR. Today, we are going to cover top 4 PHP framework in 2019, these PHP frameworks will not only help you gain exposure to the latest framework but you can start learning any one of them and increase your knowledge base, So let’s start:-

1. Laravel

Laravel was introduced by Tylor Otwell In 2011 and is among one of the hottest PHP frameworks in the market. Laravel is a free, an open-source framework supporting MVC architecture. Recently, its version 6 was introduced which has brought many great features and has made work of developer very easy. Using Laravel, a developer doesn’t have to focus on other stuff like Authentication, Authorisation, Security, etc. but has to focus on only one thing that is to build new awesome applications.


Codeigniter is also open, free-source PHP framework introduced in 2006 by the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Codeigniter One of the hottest thing about the Codeigniter is that it has a very small footprint size. Full installation of the Codeigniter is just about 2MB. Codeigniter also loads very fast, has excellent documentation and based on MVC architecture.

3. CakePHP

CakePHP was introduced to make maintenance and development of PHP code very easy. CakePHP made the development of PHP very easy and provided more control on database and SQL queries. CakePHP supports PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL, and PEAR-DB. Using CakePHP developer can make search engine friendly URLs. Read more:  Benefits of a Mobile Application for Small business

4. Yii

Yii is an open-source, fast, Object-oriented framework. It has used the latest Php features like Traits and namespace. Yii also supports MVC pattern and is made very secure form the external threats. This one also has an automatic code generation tool which will help you get started easily. These are just some of the frameworks of PHP which are currently hottest in the market. If you are looking for getting your work done in any one of the above framework, you can definitely go with the best Web Development Company In Delhi NCR which is Synapse Tech Solution. We are one of the top emerging IT company in the field of IT Sector.